Dec. 2009 - Jan. 2010, MSc project - Design Manifestation, Alliance NL, the Netherlands
Xi’an Expo 2011 Holland Garden
Tutors: Erik Jepma


The main issue of the Holland Garden in Xi’an Expo 2011 is sustainability. The garden had been already designed by Alliance-NL. They see the garden as the reflection of the Ecocity; whereby, buildings, roads, green zones and above all, people in harmony with nature, go integrally together. To follow the design of the garden, the Wish Tree is designed to be a product in the garden. It brings another sustainability teaching to the visitors.
The Wish Tree is a concept of combining a Chinese custom, people hang paper with written down wishes on wish trees to pray for good luck, with the sustainability issues. People use lot of paper in everyday life, in the exposition is no exception. Thus the Bio-Ticket is designed. It is printed on seed paper, which contains grass seeds inside. We get a lot from the nature, and seed paper is a way to repay to the nature. Visitors can write down their wishes on the tickets, then, hang it on the Wish Tree. After free days, the grass seeds sprout. The Wish Tree flourishes by these Bio-Tickets. After that, some of the tickets fall down to the ground, and the grass propagate. Finally, the cycle turns back to the nature again.
The Wish Tree is a two meters high metal-made trunk. It is composed of four directions of flat branches. Each direction is with an angle of 90 degrees, which is designed for people easy to hang the bio-tickets on the tree at the internal and higher place. The shape of the body is derived from Populus alba, a main trunk with up-going branches, which can been seen easy in Holland. For environment friendly issue, the material of the tree is recycled aluminum and is painted by wood-look environmental protection paint.
A row of Wish Trees is planting along the pedestrian path next to the lake. It is the best place for people to interact with the Wish Tree. Since thousands of visitors will visit the exposition, visitor will not get stuck in the fluent space just because some people stop to hang the ticket on the trees. More, the air near the water is moister, which is benefit for seed in the ticket to sprout. The cycle will keep turning forever.