Sep.2009 - Jan.2010, MSc project - Project Domestic Appliances, Final Grade: 8.5
Tutors: A. Albayrak

The Wake-up Light wakes you up in a natural way, using light that increases gradually. As the current product is already in the market for a while, next generation are been looking for. The following observations are be inspired:
· Cheap copycats are widely available. How can we discriminate our wake-up light and justify our higher price?
· The functionality of the wake-up light is most appreciated during the wintertime. How to develop an ‘all-season wakeup light’?

SunnyFrame is a wall-hanging A3 poster frame with a luminous transparent cover. At the wake up time, the cover becomes bright. It is equipped with two solutions, adjustable light intensity and smells, to deal with seasonal problem. A scent diffuser inside the product diffuses bread or coffee smell from the cartridge during the sunrise to help the user get up more effective in a gentle way.


The wake-up Light become less effective in summer time because of sunrise earlier than the wake up time. Rooms without opaque curtains become brighter, thus human eyes adjust to this ineffective intensity from the sun. While the Wake-up Light turns on, the users cannot distinguish the light between it and the sun. Consequently, they usually think that the light is from the sun and not from the alarm clock and keep sleeping. There are few ways may solve this problem, output much stronger light and stimulate other senses of human to wake users up.
• Adjustable light intensity
To help the sleeper distinguish the light from the product and sun, automatically adjustable light intensity can be used on the product. It can detect the brightness of the room and output an effective light intensity at the wake up time.
• Smell
The hearing sense of human during sleeping is the most sensitive, and the following are touching, sight, smell and taste. The Wake-up Light uses sound to wake users up at last at the wake-up time as well as normal alarm clocks. However, the Wake-up Light uses increasing light to wake users up gently before the sound. Due to the ineffectiveness of light in summer time and the sleepers may be startled from vibrations, smells can be a way to wake users up in a gentle way.
According to the researches had done in the first quarter, breakfast is in the top five main points which people appreciate in the morning, coffee was mentioned a significant amount of times, 15%. Thus, the smelling of the baked bread and coffee can be integrated to the Wake-up Light to wake people up more effectively.