Feb.2010-Aug.2010, MSc project - Project Advanced Products, Catharine Hospital, the Netherlands
Collaboration with F. Baas, N. Buratti, W. Wang
Tutors: E.P. Westebring - van der Putten and W.F. van der Vegte

Augmented haptic feedback from the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) instruments will decrease surgery errors. A training system with actuators in the handle of a laparoscopic grasper was developed to increase the perception of tissue slippage and applied tissue force.
However, the training box has no appealing to surgeons since the exterior of the whole product, especially the tissue simulation. And what is more, the monotonous manipulation is not realistic to an operating environment. The redesigned laparoscopic grasp control training system is developed.
the sensors system is the top priority of the redesign. A 3-dimensional force sensing system is designed and embedded inside the grasper tip instead of in the previous block-like tissue. Thus, the realistic of appearance, the accuracy of measuring and also free operating dimensions are accomplished for the requirements.
For the control box, the previous separated half-open control platform has been made into an integrated box, which with two isolated spaces for laparoscopic operation and electronics parts. The control program and the camera display are integrated for the interface, thus only one laptop is needed while using.

Force Sensing Tip
In the 5mm wide tip, there are 5 semiconductor films, disassembled from Force Sensing Resistors Sensor. The technique, Laser Direct Structuring (LDS), is used for plating the tiny 3-D wires on the Uppertip for the connections of the semiconductors. The five sensors are for detecting the pull force (parallel with x-y plane) and the pinch force( in +z direction) simultaneously. The sensors are pressed by a cube of silicone which is used for dispersing the force, from the tissue via a steel ball of the teeth, equally in three directions. All the sensors and wires are sealed up in the Uppertip to prevent the liquid of tissues. And, the Uppertip is installed to the Lowertip which is the module of Storz tip 33310 ON.
Control Box
Below the lid of the Box, is an isolated room which can be placed the one-time-use tray containing with tissues. And, the foam layer which in similar size as the human abdominal is set up on the lid of the box, which can be pierced by the user in different area for inserting the two graspers.
The box is connected with the computer which with the control program, packaged by C++. The user can change different safe area for different tissue in the window. For the same tissue, the size of safe area can be adjusted for training in different levels. The live view window is launched by the control program. After information of F-Pull and F-Pinch are compared with the defined safe area, the decision for feedback will be output to the actuators.