Sep.2010-Jan.2011, MSc project - Integral Design Project, Ajax-Chubb & Kidde, the Netherlands, Final Grade: 8.5
Collaboration with H. Soedarmo, L. Klink, W. Rocha, W. Wang, Y. Lu
Tutors: Ir. A.J. Neger

Our team was a mixture of six students with different backgrounds that were working with Ajax-Chubb; the leading organization in the field of fire protection. The assignment was to find an innovative solution for the existing market; considering sustainability issues and maintaining Ajax’ position on the map, which was emphasized by the statement from Michel van Roozendaal, the General Manager of Ajax Chubb: “The ambition of Ajax-Chubb is to be the reference in The Netherlands in the field of fire protection”.
In the six months project, first, we did analyzed problems of the fire protection market and the Ajax Chubb's portfolio. Then, we proposed the concepts of smart fire detector for home use. At the end, a full scale functional prototype was built, and the package was designed as well.

Idea Generation & Sketches

Prototyping (Mechanism & Circuit)

Full-scaled Functional Prototype

Design Evaluations

Package Design