Nov.2007-Jan.2008, BSc project - Shaping Plastics : Special Project
Application of Plastic Optical Component with Microstructures
Coach: Dr. S.Y. Yang

Nowadays, many buildings with oversized area cause rooms located at the center of floors have no windows toward the outside of the buildings. The only illuminants are electric lamps, whose spectrum is artificially. People usually feel uncomfortable when they stay in the rooms lack natural spectrum. This may lead the body and mind development to be unbalanced. Therefore, the ambient light should come from nature, the sunlight.

The most direct and economical way to obtain the sunlight in rooms is leading the sunlight to the rooms from outside. Window, in the architecture, refers to the channel which enters light and air into a room. In order to build a more natural ambient light, the sunlight from outside of the building casts into the room through Bright Windows system.

Bright Window system is constructed by three major parts, Solar Panel, Optical Cable and Virtual Window. Solar Panels are set on the roof or outer wall of the house. They gather large area of sunlight and focus the light to thin light beams. These beams are lead to the interior through Optical Cable, which connect Solar Panels and Virtual Windows. The light beams are scattered to be Surface illuminants by the tiny optical structures on the windows. If we install curtains or louvers in front of the virtual Windows, the light and shade will present more like the real ones.