Aug. 2007 - Dec. 2007
Aescu Technology, Taiwan
Design by GigoDesign

This is a medical design project, electrocardiogram detector, when I was in GigoDesign. The product is already in the Taiwan market.

Aescu Technology cooperates Yang Ming University and GigoDesign to develop VitalECG which combines home care and wireless technology. In the past, only the rich man can afford telemedicine or telecare. However, it become a product which available to all by the wireless technology such as bluetooth and Wimax. It enabled the populace to enjoy the high quality individual health care through high-tech, and further, it could effectively reduce the medical costs.

VitalECG is one part of the seamless healthy medical network. While hanging in front of the waist, it can sense the patient’s heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure, and etc., and then, those data can send back to the hospital through WiMAX network. The doctor can diagnose the patient whether needs return visit. More, daily data can be stored in Smart Belt and told the patient’s health status to himself/herself by PC or PDA.

Module Design
Especially, the computer-belt is a separable design. It is easy to change different color belts if the users want. More, the independent computer can be installed on different seats in the following design such as arm belt.


Mechanical Design & Color Planning