Aug.2006 - Nov.2006
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan
2006 JN-YI Award, Gold Medal, Application Integrated Photovoltaics
Collaboration with J.T. Chen and W.C. Chu

SeedO is a electronic bonsai needs sunlight, irrigation as well as "love".
In the society of competes day by day, many children are immersed in piles of books, and neglect the opportunity to contacted the nature. Moreover, they are unfamiliar with the environment just around them, not to mention they understand the energy transformation.
The intention of the creation of SeedO lies in the use of solar energy, what make the bean seedling slowly grow up to the leaves blade open. The interaction of LCD on the cotyledon and children, as well as the process of taking care of SeedO, enable children to realize the value of life and the mission to protect the nature. This education is taught insensibly to kids by daily caring of the seedling.

When the spherical shell top head opens, the house of SeedO always maintain in sphericity. It can be placed stably by using the centre of gravity located front half part.

A 5cm tiny watering can, which can be an adornment of key rings or bags, the thing you usually take along with. You will not forget to“water” SeedO even it is placed in the classroom or office.

By using of infrared, SeedO can be “watered” by aiming the watering can at the sensor on the soil and simultaneously pressing the button which is the lid of the watering can.

SeedO is animated and has emotions.
It smiles all the time if it enjoys the sunshine and watering regularly. It cries if you forget to water it.


While there is sufficient sunlight and daily “watering”, the step motor in the pot can be started. SeedO grows up day after day by means of the crank-rocker under the soil. And the cotyledons are opened by daily higher leaves. About a week growing, the leaves come out and SeedO becomes a complete seedling. At this time, the tiny air cleaner can be started, using the electron power from the solar cells on the leaves.