Individual MSc Graduation Project (Double degree: Strategic Product Design & Integrated Product Design) ; Final Grade: 9.0
"Design a Next Generation Bicycle for Future Urban Mobility Use for Greater China Region"
Gusto Bicycle(高士特), Taiwan (Design Office at Delft, the Netherlands)
TU Delft Supervisors: Ruud van Heur ,Ger Bruens

Gusto(高士特) is a start up brand who builds carbon fiber bicycles for sportive and recreational segments of the high-end bicycle market. The goal of this project is to design an urban bicycle that fits into the future (2020) Chinese megacities context and mobility needs. The target group of this project was pre-defined and is focused on metropolitan white-collar workers. The design considers Gusto's environmental care mission and vision, in order to be able to enhance the brand awareness and strengthen the brand image.
After a series of researches, it shows that current Gusto's product lines are away from its brand vision. To achieve the brand vision, a new extra line should be developed. According to the researches, the target group needs an urban mobility with the following characters: 'Dry & clean', 'Low physical effort moving' and 'Easy & Comfortable & Speedy.' Thus, Gusto should propose an E-bike to the consumers to fulfill all of the characters what they need.
'Helping metropolitans to have and enjoy comfortable and unrestricted cycling experiences in their daily life' is the goal of the design. Once, while they are appreciating this easy personal urban mobility, they DO contribute to environmental sustainability.

Orcinus is a full-size folding smart E-bike, designed for urban mobility use. The metropolitans can use it for commutes between home and office, with less effort. After works, it can be used for exercises and social activities as well.
Orcinus provides comfortable and unrestricted cycling experiences to metropolitans' daily life, which is inspired from the freely swimming of an Orcinus Orca in the ocean. With Orcinus, the users can move in the city in the most easy, clean, safe and speedy way.
The hidden electronic system and slender shape is appealing to those who are reluctant to ride common E-bikes due to their bulky shapes. The Smartphone-integrated System of Orcinus builds the BRIDGE systemfor social networks between the users and the dynamic city environments. The user can get connected easily with others and the city contexts. It is just like an Orcinus Orca, a highly social animal.
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Vision in Product design approach (van Dijk & Hekkert, 2010), a context-driven approach, was used in this project to create an innovative solutions for the near future.

Special existing products (systems) applied on this bicycle:
Motor system: vivax Assist
Gear hub: NuVinci® N360™
Transmission: Carbon Belt Drive System
Front Fork: SR Suntour Swing Shock
Grip: Ergon GP2
Saddle: Allay Racing Pro 2.1
Fender: Qbicle Tangent Fender